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 JADAD is a family-run multinational that focuses on promoting a full life for all, while enabling individuals and organizations to enjoy the freedom to do what they love on their own terms, with the only limit being causing harm. It mobilizes the best resources available to find unusual and unexpected solutions to problems that appear impossible to solve, and produces engaging experiences

that transform lives

It is an umbrella company for the following entities:

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The Feast of our Life 

Alejandro R. Jadad 

Do you hear me? Only you can listen to me. I am your “inner voice”. As you read these words, I am inviting you to be part of a very intimate conversation. I am taking you on a journey to discover, recover and uncover your capacity to flourish and live a full life, no matter what happens.




Everything you need to know about love (almost)

Tamen Jadad Garcia

Love is one of the most important elements in your life and yet, if someone asked you: “what is love?”, could you answer the question? This book is devoted entirely to exploring the answer, across the ages.




Let's enjoy food! 

Tamen Jadad Garcia

"Let's enjoy food!" is part of a series of entertaining books that transform. Children and adults use their minds to make visible what is often invisible in their lives. Reading the books enables them to discover many sources of learning and wonder, in any place and at any time.




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